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Safe Walking Routes

To learn more about the benefits of walking and biking to school, safety tips, and monthly challenges with exciting prizes, visit Safe Routes Utah's website.

Welby's Safe Walking Routes map:

The sidewalks along Skye Drive provide a safe avenue for students to walk to school. Students are asked to avoid any fence climbing or walking in the middle of the road on this thoroughfare. Children must watch for vehicles and move through the areas without sidewalks as quickly as possible.

The gully parkway surrounding Welby has many shrubs and trees that obscure children as they walk to and from school. Children should be cautioned about safe walking practices when using the pathways. Students should walk in groups or with partners.

A stoplight at this intersection replaced the original four-way stop. No adult assistant is available for children needing to travel north or south on 4000 West by crossing Skye Drive. Students need to use the crosswalk at this intersection. They will need to push the button on the sign, and then watch to see that traffic stops before proceeding to cross this street. Students should be cautioned to wait for the green light and check both ways before crossing, especially when riding a bike.

There is only one crosswalk at Welby to cross 9580 South in front of the school. Students will need t walk to the crosswalk before attempting to cross the street. There will be an adult crossing guard on duty at this crosswalk before and after school.

Walk toward 4000 West. Once on 4000 West, walk north on the east side of 4000 West. At the 10400 S and 4000 W intersection, cross 4000 W using the traffic light, then cross 10400 S. Continue walking north on 10400 S on the west side of the road until you reach Skye Drive. Cross using the traffic lights. Walk west on Skye Drive until you reach Yorkshire Drive, then walk north on Yorkshire Drive until you reach the walkway that will take you to 9580 S. Cross 9580 S at the crosswalk, following the crossing guard’s directions.

Parking Lot Reminders:

  • When you are dropping off or picking up a student in the parking lot, please pull into a parking stall
  • If you are parking in a handicap stall, you need to have a disability placard or license plate
  • Please use the crosswalks

Drop Off/Pick Up Map:
Parking Lot Procedures Map