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Dual Immersion Teachers

Dual Immersion Teachers:

First Grade:

Spanish: Sra. Diaz:
English: Mrs. Torres:

Second Grade:

Spanish: Sra. Laguna:
English: Mrs. Pool:

Third Grade:

Spanish: Sra. Prieto:
English: Mrs. Weimer:

Fourth Grade:

Spanish: Sra. Pastor-Fernandez:
English: Mrs. Peterson:

Fifth Grade:

Spanish: Sra. Cerezo:
English: Mrs. Lund:

Sixth Grade:

Spanish: New teacher coming
English: Miss Quinney:


Hiring Process for Dual Immersion Teachers

English Teachers:
English teachers are required to have an Elementary Utah Teaching License.

English teachers are strongly recommended to have an English as a second language (ESL) endorsement in two-way Dual Language Immersion programs.

Spanish Teachers:
Spanish teachers are required to have an Elementary or Secondary Utah Teaching License or be accepted into the Alternative Routes to Licensure (ARL) program.

Spanish teachers are required to have a World Language Endorsement in the immersion language and a Dual Language Immersion Endorsement.

Spanish teachers often come from outside the United States and are only allowed to teach in the US for a certain period of time.  There are several types of VISA's, which vary from country to country.  Some allow teachers to stay for 3 years while others only allow them to stay for one year.

Substitute Teachers:
Both English and Spanish Dual Immersion teachers are required to attend multiple meetings throughout the year that will take them out of the classroom, in addition to days where they are out for Parent/Teacher Conferences.  During these days, along with personal and sick days, a substitute teacher must be found.  Substitute teachers in Spanish classes must speak Spanish as well so there are limited options available.

Why is there such a high turnover?

  • VISA limitations
  • Inability to find substitutes
  • Increased workload (56 students per year vs 25 in other classrooms)

Dual Immersion Contacts:

Jordan District Dual Language Immersion Consultant:
Kaye Rizzuto

Utah Spanish Dual Language Immersion Coordinator:
Tristin West

Utah Spanish Dual Language Immersion Program Director:
Ofelia Wade

Utah World Languages Specialist:
Gregg Roberts 
(801) 538-7743