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Paws for Success



_____1.  To make a happy transition from home to school.

_____2.  To follow Welby School Rules

_____3.  To make progress, improve work, and do quality work.

_____4.  Be nice to others.

_____5.  Enjoy learning with a positive attitude.


FIRST GRADE (Choose and Complete10)

_____1.  Write all numbers and letters correctly.

_____2.  Write your first and last name, address, phone number, and know your
parents full names.

_____3.  Read the days of the week and months of the year. (Dual Immersion-in
English and Spanish).

_____4.  Count to 120 by one’s, five’s, ten’s, and two’s. Count to 119 by the odd
numbers. (Dual Immersion-in English and Spanish)

_____5. Tie your shoes by yourself.

_____6.  Participate in the “Paws” to Read program.

_____7.  Participate in the First Grade Spelling Bee.

_____8.  Acquire own public library card and visit the county library monthly.

_____9.  Arrive at school consistently on time.

____10.  Read to a parent nightly. (Dual Immersion-in English and  or

____11.  Memorize the sight words and/or monthly words given you by your

____12.  Complete all work consistently on time at school.

____13.  Study spelling words nightly.

____14.  Know the addition and subtraction facts to ______ (Dual Immersion-in
English and/or Spanish) (personally chosen for each student).

____15.  Do a service project of your choice.

____16.  Know your lunch number.

____17.  Write the numbers from one to one hundred twenty in order.

____18.  Identify odd numbers to 119 and even numbers to 120.

____19.  Compose a story (fact or fiction) write it down, illustrate it, and read it to an
adult. (Dual Immersion-in English and Spanish)

____20.  Know which letters are vowels and which letters are consonants. (Dual
Immersion—in English and Spanish)

____21.  Know the various sounds that vowels and vowel teams stand for.

____22.  Book Report-- Read a book at home, prepare an oral book report, and share
it with your class at school. (Dual Immersion-in English and/or Spanish)

____23.  Research Project-choose a topic that interest you, learn more about it, and
present it to your class.

_____24.  Participate in the Welby PTA Reflections Contest.

_____25. Participate in one of the Student Leadership Teams for Leader in Me.

_____26, 27.  Student/Parent individual choice goals.

26. _____________________________________________________________

SECOND GRADE (Choose and Complete 12)

_____1.  Master addition facts (up to 20).

_____2.  Master subtraction facts (up to 20).

_____3.  Participate monthly in the “Paws” to Read Program as required by your

_____4.  Do a written report or project on a health, safety, or social studies unit.

_____5.  Written Science Report selected from second grade science topics.

_____6.  Science Project - poster, diorama, student-made video, slide show.

_____7.  Select, prepare, and demonstrate a science experiment.

_____8.  Interview a community helper and turn in a report, poster, video, or etc.

_____9.  Invite, schedule and introduce a career person to speak to your class.

_____10.  Write and publish an original storybook.

_____11.  Complete all required book reports if applicable.

_____12.  Study weekly spelling words and score 80% for selected number of weeks.

_____13.  Obtain and use a library card from the public library. Summarize at least
four books you have read.

_____14. Go on an educational field trip with your parent/parents. Make a poster
with a summary and pictures, and report to the class.

_____15.  Participate in the PTA Reflections Contest.

_____16.  Select and prepare a project using technology. (for example - a slide show,
power point presentation, inspiration)

_____17, 18, 19.  Student/Parent individual goals.

  1. ______________________________________________________________
  2. ______________________________________________________________
  3. ______________________________________________________________



THIRD GRADE(Choose 10-at least two mush be outside the classroom)

_____1.  Go on 2 educational field trips with your parents. Make a poster with a
summary and pictures and give an oral report to the class.

_____2.  Participate in the yearly PTA Reflections Contest.

_____3.  Memorize addition facts 1-10 and pass a timed test.

_____4.  Memorize subtraction facts 1-10 and pass a timed test.

_____5.  Memorize multiplication facts 1-10 and pass a timed test.

_____6.  Memorize division facts 1-10 and pass a timed test.

_____7.  Earn 90% or more on 20 spelling tests.

_____8.  Complete and return all reading records to the teacher each month to earn
the Paws for Reading Award at the end of the year.

_____9.  Pass a cursive writing evaluation.

_____10. Write and illustrate an original story in picture book format.

_____11. Complete a report about a country where a family member or ancestor
once lived and share with class including pictures, customs, dances, music,

_____12. Complete a service project outside of school of your choice and share the
experience with the class (excludes scout projects).

_____13. Memorize 2 third grade poetry selections and present to the class.

_____14. Demonstrate good citizenship by earning no more than two think times
during the year.

_____15. Complete an art project outside of class using a different  medium such as
clay, acrylics, chalks, watercolors, etc. and bring it to show the class.

_____16. Write and compile a book of original poetry which includes at least 6
poems and share with the class.

_____17. Have no unexcused tardies or unexcused absences for the year.

_____18. Optional “Individual” Goal:_____________________

_____19. Participate, display or perform at any school sponsored extra curricular
activity (excluding Reflections as per #2).

_____20. Participate in a physical sport outside of school such as dance, soccer, etc.

_____21. Complete a Great Brain project and present it in the class

_____22. Improve a specific classroom behavior as directed by the teacher.


Participant chooses and completes 10 of the following items!!!
Teachers will choose what projects will be shared with the class. Students will be
responsible for keeping record of what they have done by writing the date and having their parent initial each project completed.

Academic and Creative Component

____1. Go on an educational field trip to a national park or dinosaur museum with
your parents. Make a poster with a summary and pictures about your trip.

____2. Complete a report about a county in Utah. The report should be 1 to 2 pages
long and include a map with all counties labeled.

____3. Research an ancestor, where they once lived and share with the class
pictures, customs, dances, and music of the country. Write a 1 to 2 page
report on that ancestor’s life.

____4. Create a useful, quality invention and present it to the class.

____5. Present a teacher approved, unassigned science project to the class.

____6. Participate in the PTA Reflections Program.

____7. Write, illustrate and publish a book at home. Bring to school to share

____8. Complete 4 art projects at home using 4 different medias such as clay, oil
paints, chalks, watercolors, pencils, etc. to share with the class.

____9. Build a model using metric or standard measurement. Bring and share you
model with the class.

___10. Cook at least 10 meals with your parents using 10 recipes to practice
measurement. Reduce or increase the recipe amounts by 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2
on 5 of the recipes. Bring recipes to share with the class with the changes
made to the recipe amounts.

____11. Research a person of importance in Utah history. Write a biography on their

____12. Go on a tour of a mall and draw all the geometric  shapes you can see being
used. Draw, label, and write where in the mall you found the figure or

____13. Weather Watch: create a chart and graph the different types of clouds. Take
the temperature morning and night for 2 weeks and record those on the
same chart.

____14. Make a rock collection. The collection should include 3 metamorphic rocks, 3
igneous rocks, and 3 sedimentary rocks. Bring the collection to class with a
report on each rock and where you located it.

____15. Animals of Utah. Write a 1 or 2 page report on an animal in Utah. Include
the habitat: forest, wetland, or desert. Draw a picture of the animal in its

____16. Participate in a physical sport outside of school such as dance, soccer, etc.
Chart the hours of practice and participation. Create a poster with pictures
of you participating including the chart of hours.

____17. Write a report of 1 to 2 pages, including pictures, on any Utah historical
event, such as, the Pony Express, Black Hawk Massacre, Pioneers,
Transcontinental Railroad, etc.

FIFTH GRADE (Choose and Complete  9)


_____1.  Master 100 multiplication facts with 100% accuracy. (5 min.)

_____2.  Master 100 division facts with 100% accuracy.  (5 min.)

_____3.  Earn an 85% score or better on four math chapter tests.

_____4.  Earn an 85% or better on 18 spelling unit tests.

_____5.  Earn a 90% or better on class report or project.

_____6.  Name and label the state and abbreviations with 80% accuracy.

_____7.  Memorize and recite the Preamble to the Constitution.

_____8.  Complete a Reflections Contest entry.

_____9. Earn placement on Honor Roll at least one quarter during the school year.

_____10. Complete a service project outside of school.  (Parent note required)

_____11. Write a report on one of the U. S. Presidents.

_____12. Read with a child outside of school a total of 10 hours.  (Parent note

_____13. Memorize the entire Gettysburg Address = checks off 2  requirements.
Memorize 2 paragraphs=check off 1 requirement.

_____14. Complete a research project based on the requirements from your teacher.

_____15. Complete a STEM fair project.

_____16. Hold a Leadership role at Welby as part of the school wide Leader in Me

_____17. Attend Destination at least 8 times during the school year.

_____18. Do a report on your ancestors to include any information about your
ancestors immigrated to the United States, as well as including a list of
genetic traits that you have inherited specifically from that ancestor.

_____19. Visit a mountain in Utah and write a report about the erosional forces and
weathering changes, along with some of the geological history, that helped
shape that specific mountain.

_____20. Visit the Natural Museum of Utah History and write a report about one or
more displays that goes with 5th grade science (heredity or Earth science).

SIXTH GRADE  (Choose 15)

_____1-6. Earn 90% or better in a core subject for 2 of the 3 grading periods.
(Reading - Language - Spelling - Math - Science/Health - Social Studies)

_____ 7. Master 100 multiplications facts with 100% accuracy in 4 minutes.

_____ 8. Master 100 division facts with 100% accuracy in 4 minutes

_____ 9. Complete 7,000 independent reading minutes during the year.

_____10. Have no more than 3 unexcused tardies or absences each term.

_____11. Be a successful member of Student Council.

_____12. Be a successful member of Safety Patrol.

_____13. Be a successful member of the Audio Visual Crew.

_____14. Complete all class book reports with a score of 85% or better.

_____15. Complete all assignments with a 95% on-time rate.

_____16. Complete a portfolio of quality writing.

_____17. Complete a service project (parent note required).

_____18. Complete a Social Studies project with a score of 85% or better.

_____19. Participate in the PTA Reflections Contest.

_____20. Successfully participate in a Shakespeare play or other production.

_____21. Complete a quality science fair/history fair project.

_____22. Participate in 1 special class activity during the year