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Welby Building

Welby Elementary's Mission:

Welby Elementary School Motto

Learn, Grow, Achieve

Welby Elementary's Vision:

We are a community working together to create a culture of rigorous learning to conquer hard things and grow together. We will create a safe environment where mistakes are a stepping stone to success through data-driven, collaborative, and reflective practices.

Enjoy your Summer!

Building summer hours are from 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM Monday - Friday.  (801) 280-1456.

Safe Walking Routes to Welby

Welby Safe Walking Routes to School

Health and Safety Resources

Rocky Peak Virtual Elementary


Parking Reminders:

  • When dropping off or picking up a student in the parking lot, please pull into a parking stall.
  • If you are parking in a handicap stall, you need to have a disability placard or license plate
  • Please use the crosswalks

Drop Off/Pick Up Map:

Welby Elementary Drop off/ Pick up parking lot map
Drop off/ Pick up map for Welby Elementary

Welby is now on Twitter and Instagram:
Twitter: @welbyelementary

Instagram: welbyelementary


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