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Welby Building

Welby Elementary School Motto
Learn, Grow, Achieve

Welby Mission and Vision:

We are a community working together to create a culture of rigorous learning to conquer hard things and grow together. We will create a safe environment where mistakes are a stepping stone to success through data-driven, collaborative, and reflective practices.

2022- 2023 School Year

Back to School Night:
Wednesday, August 17th
6:00 - 7:00

First Day of School:
Thursday, August  18th
1st - 6th Grades

Thursday, August 18th - Thursday, August 25th
 Individual Kindergarten Testing Appointments

Friday, August 26th
First day of Kindergarten

Annual Core Standards Survey

As part of the Utah State Board of Education’s Core Standards process, we conduct an Annual Core Standards Survey to get stakeholder feedback to help us to improve our standards and supports. The annual survey is now open until August 20th.

Kindergarten Registration
2022-2023 School Year

If you have a child that will be 5 by September 1, 2022, please fill out both forms. Thank you!
Kindergarten Registration
Kindergarten Session Request Form

School Permits 2022-2023

Permit Application 2022-2023 (English)
Permisio de escuela (Spanish)

The Utah State Board of Education may grant an educator one of the following education licenses:

  1. Professional Educator License – a license issued to an individual who has demonstrated all of the State established competencies to be an educator.
  2. Associate Educator License – a license issued to an individual who has met a minimum set of educator requirements and is completing all professional educator requirements to receive a Professional Educator License.
  3. Local Education Agency (LEA)-specific Educator License – a license issued to an individual, approved by the local Board of Education, who has met locally defined competencies to be an educator.

An LEA-specific license area or endorsement may include:

  • Out of State and Internationally licensed educators completing Utah licensing requirements.
  • Educators waiting for university license recommendations.
  • Educators with expired Utah licenses.
  • Educators working towards an Associate license area/endorsement.
  • Career and Technical Education educators completing skills testing.
  • Educators waiting to begin a university licensure program.

Schools may employ individuals holding LEA-specific Educator Licenses, as well as Professional and Associate Educator Licenses, as outlined below based on the employee’s FTE:

Location Type Associate LEA Specific Professional
Welby Elementary Elementary 2.4% 2.4% 95.1%


Rocky Peak Virtual Elementary


Parking Reminders:

  • When you are dropping off or picking up a student in the parking lot, please pull into a parking stall.
  • If you are parking in a handicap stall, you need to have a disability placard or license plate
  • Please use the crosswalks

Drop Off/Pick Up Map:

Welby Elementary Drop off/ Pick up parking lot map
Drop off/ Pick up map for Welby Elementary

Welby is now on Twitter and Instagram:
Twitter: @welbyelementary

Instagram: welbyelementary


Safe Walking Routes to Welby

Welby 2022-23 Safe Walking Routes to School

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