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SCC Members and Participation

A big thank you to our amazing school community council 23-24 school year.

School Community Council 2023-2024

Thank you to everyone who participated in our School Community Council election. Meetings will be held from 4:00-5:00 PM on 10/11/23, 11/29/23, 1/17/24, 3/13/24, and 5/15/24 (if needed). Meetings are held on Zoom. Please let any Council Members know of any issues you would like them to be aware of and discuss in their meetings. Thank you for your continued support of our school!

SCC Members: 2023-2024

Kourtney Andreasen (Parent),

Lisa Ashby (Parent),

Sarah Gayheart (Parent),

Alecia Lundquist (Parent),

Leslie Foltz (Teacher),

Aaron Ichimura (Principal),

Invitation to Participate:

By joining the School Community Council you can help influence the way funds are spent as we discuss the needs of the school and how to spend money to help students increase proficiency in school, especially in the areas of Language Arts and Math.