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Faculty & Staff


Photo of Aaron Ichimura Aaron Ichimura Principal
Photo of Janae Young Janae Young Assistant Principal

Office Staff

Photo of Traci Fox Traci Fox Admin Assistant
Photo of Tonna Gearig Tonna Gearig Office Assistant


Photo of Sabrina Denison Sabrina Denison Teacher Full Day
Photo of Jennifer Maples Jennifer Maples Teacher AM/PM
Photo of Alyssa Murray Alyssa Murray Teacher AM
Photo of Linda Woolf Linda Woolf Teacher Full Day

1st Grade

Photo of Ginell Bradley Ginell Bradley Teacher
Photo of Raquel Diaz Raquel Diaz Teacher DLI-Spanish
Photo of Elsie Melville Elsie Melville Teacher
Photo of BreeAnne Torres BreeAnne Torres Teacher DLI-English

2nd Grade

Photo of Clara Laguna Clara Laguna Teacher DLI-Spanish
Photo of Melanie Moreton Melanie Moreton Teacher
Photo of Makayla Olson Makayla Olson Teacher
Photo of Aspen Pool Aspen Pool Teacher DLI-English

3rd Grade

Photo of Rachel Eldeen Rachel Eldeen Teacher
Photo of Jake Nixon Jake Nixon Teacher
Photo of Raquel Prieto Raquel Prieto Teacher DLI-Spanish
Photo of Carolyn Smith Carolyn Smith Teacher
Photo of Linda Weimer Linda Weimer Teacher DLI-English

4th Grade

Photo of Lynette Blanchette Lynette Blanchette Teacher
Photo of Chrystopher Palfreyman Chrystopher Palfreyman Teacher
Photo of Yolanda Pastor Yolanda Pastor Teacher DLI-Spanish
Photo of Rachelle Peterson Rachelle Peterson Teacher DLI-English

5th Grade

Photo of Ana Cerezo Ana Cerezo Teacher DLI-Spanish
Photo of Christy Howard Christy Howard Teacher
Photo of Larissa Huddleson Larissa Huddleson Teacher
Photo of Laura Lund Laura Lund Teacher DLI-English
Photo of Aleesha Naylor Aleesha Naylor Teacher

6th Grade

Photo of Leslie Foltz Leslie Foltz Teacher
Photo of Joshua Glover Joshua Glover Teacher
Photo of Javier Lamela Javier Lamela Teacher DLI-Spanish
Photo of Rachael Quinney Rachael Quinney Teacher DLI-English


Photo of Jill Ashby Jill Ashby Cafeteria Assistant
Photo of Lisa Hanson Lisa Hanson Cafeteria Assistant
Photo of Peggy McNeil Peggy McNeil Cafeteria Assistant
Photo of Kristee Park Kristee Park Cafeteria Assistant
Photo of Erika Percival Erika Percival Lunch Manager
Photo of Susan Price Susan Price Lunch Clerk
Photo of Kandra Williams Kandra Williams Cafeteria Assistant


Photo of Jonathan Troff Jonathan Troff Head Custodian


Photo of Taunya Childers Taunya Childers Media Center
Photo of Rosanne Christiansen Rosanne Christiansen STEM
Photo of Rosemary Hughes Rosemary Hughes KEY
Photo of MaryJane Maumau MaryJane Maumau Art
Photo of Rose Young Rose Young PE

Special Education

Photo of Allisun Cartier Allisun Cartier Counselor
Photo of Whitney Olsen Whitney Olsen Teacher
Photo of Katie Pavia Katie Pavia Speech
Photo of Elizabeth White Elizabeth White Psychologist

Instructional Coaches

Photo of Nicole Harris Nicole Harris Instructional Coach
Photo of Wendy Taylor Wendy Taylor Instructional Coach


Photo of Karissa Evensen Karissa Evensen Music

Support Staff

Photo of Liz Baer Liz Baer Production Aide
Photo of Anna Edgell Anna Edgell Orchestra Teacher
Photo of Alicia Ferrer Alicia Ferrer Literacy Aide
Photo of Lisa Hemming Lisa Hemming Production Aide
Photo of Laura Howes Laura Howes Paraprofessional Aide
Photo of Frelyn Ingersoll Frelyn Ingersoll Literacy Aide
Photo of Elena Jakobson Elena Jakobson Paraprofessional Aide
Photo of Kathleen Lucero Kathleen Lucero Literacy Aide
Photo of Kellie Nielsen Kellie Nielsen Literacy Aide
Photo of Holly Pincock Holly Pincock Kindergarten Aide
Photo of Sheri Schmidt Sheri Schmidt Classroom Aide
Photo of Camille Simister Camille Simister Literacy Aide
Photo of Christa Terry Christa Terry Literacy Aide
Photo of Jen VanUitert Jen VanUitert Paraprofessional Aide
Photo of Shannon Watts Shannon Watts Production Aide
Photo of K. Wobee K. Wobee Computer Tech