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Third Grade

Third Grade Enrichment Activities

    • Language Arts
      • A lot of writing! (learning about paragraphs, opinion, and narrative writings)
      • Turkey Plurals
    • Math
      • Rocket Math
      • Keeping up with CORE
      • Songs and raps to go with math concepts
      • Kids Market Place - students participate in real life situations learning how to budget money
    • Science
      • Great Brain - students create a written and oral report on a subject that interests them
    • Social Studies
      • Christmas Custom Reports/Christmas Around the World Cultural Reports
      • Native American study
    • Art/Music/PE/etc.
      • Line Dances
      • Dr. Seuss Day
      • 100th Day of School
    • Special Programs (ie debate, history fair, etc.)
      • Great Brain Reports
      • Kids Market Place
    • Student Projects (like AV, Spirit Clubs, etc.)
      • Show and Teach - a student leads and educational activity
    • Other
      • Wiggle jar to refocus students throughout the day (1 minute activities)