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Paws for Reading

The purpose of the “Paws to Read” Program is to instill a love of reading, develop self-discipline, and form good habits while working on a long range goal.  Students can have a tremendous sense of accomplishment at the end of a school year when they receive a “Paws to Read” pin and certificate.  Everyone can do it!  Special awards will be given at the end of year grade-level assemblies.

(Only reading minutes outside of school are eligible.  Please check with individual teachers to clarify record keeping and guidelines if questions arise.)

Gold Award

Kindergarten   3,000 minutes

Grades 1,2,3    5,000 minutes

Grades 4,5,6   6,000 minutes

Silver Award

Kindergarten   2,000 minutes

Grade 1            3,000 minutes

Grades 2,3        4,000 minutes

Grades 4,5,6     5,000 minutes

Bronze Award

Kindergarten   1,000 minutes

Grade 1            2,000 minutes

Grades 2,3        3,000 minutes

Grades 4,5,6    4,000 minutes